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Workshop: Thriving in the Menopause


Are night sweats preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep? Fed up of constant hot flashes? Are you starting to experience memory blanks, or achy joints? Do your loved ones comment that your personality has changed? Are you unsure what options are out there besides HRT? Or do you just want to set yourself up now for a healthy menopause and beyond? In this 3.5-hour workshop you’ll learn what you can do to set yourself up for a healthy and happy menopause, and how to address menopausal symptoms (including anxiety, hot flashes, low libido, and more) naturally, through diet and lifestyle. You'll also learn simple and sustainable swaps and habits that will allow you to enjoy this period as a new and empowering transition in your life, and to keep yourself feeling energised, fit and strong. Please note, this is a prerecorded workshop that you can listen to by yourself, at any time. You will need to create an account with us before purchasing the workshop (it takes less than a minute!). You will then be able to log in and rewatch the video at any time (and as many times as you like!). You will also have access to a PDF of the presentation. If you have any questions please email us at If you have attended my in-person workshop on "Thriving in the Menopause" at Southside Counselling and Therapy Centre (Glasgow), this is an extended and more in-depth version of that presentation.




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