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Learn to Live Vibrantly with Dr Charlotte Hay

Live a life full of joy, energy, fulfilment and love

My mission is to help women become the best, most vibrant version of themselves through diet and other lifestyle changes. I believe we can spread more love and compassion in the world not only by adopting healthier, more sustainable and compassionate lifestyles, but also by doing the inner work, learning to love ourselves and our bodies unconditionally, cultivating loving relationships, and learning to connect with our inner wisdom and purpose.

About Me: Welcome

My Mission

I specialise in women’s hormonal health and empowerment life coaching that aims to reconnect you with the inner Wild Woman. Having tried so many things over the years to ‘fix’ my skin, I was horrified that none of the doctors I saw asked about diet or lifestyle (one even told me there was no link between acne and food!), and that no-one seemed interested in helping me understand the root cause(s) of my issues. As I began to read about hormones and the menstrual cycle, I couldn't believe that I had never been taught this information and what was happening to my body every month! The more I learned about my cycle and what I could do to help it, the more empowered I felt. I want every woman (and girl) to have this information. PMS, acne, and painful periods (etc.) might be normal but they are NOT natural or inevitable. I help woman deal with all aspects of hormonal imbalance, as well as spiritual and personal development coaching, in order to tune in to that innate wisdom we are born with, and to connect with your higher purpose and joy.

About Me: About Me

My Story

Having originally trained as an actor (which, looking back, provided me with a great foundation in breathwork and bodily awareness), I left this careerpath in order to pursue my passion for sustainability and the environment, which led me to do a Masters in Environmental Governance in Amsterdam, and eventually to a PhD in 'Green Politics' in England, in 2012. While studying for the PhD, I began to develop an interest in holistic health and wellbeing, sparked by a desire to better educate myself in plant-based nutrition (having already been vegan for many years). I then became interested in natural DIY skincare (having just developed psoriasis, alongside my lifelong struggle with acne) and essential oils, whilst at the same time diving deeper into, what I call, the 3 juicy M’s: meditation, mindfulness and movement! 
As I began to get more and more disillusioned with my subject area (and academia), and more and more interested in health and nutrition, the stress of the doctorate plus a difficult personal relationship led me to a crisis point in my life. Having been interested in Eastern philosophy (particularly Buddhism) from my early teens, I began a regular meditation practice (which I continue to this day), as well as ‘officially’ beginning a regular yoga practice (having tried yoga on-and-off since my late teens, but never committing to it before then). Both of which, along with my now-favourite discovery – green smoothies – truly saved my life, giving me the energy and motivation to get out of bed each day (which, if you've ever struggled with depression, you'll know can be the biggest challenge). I knew then that my true calling was to share this knowledge and power with others, helping them become the best, most vibrant version of themselves (whilst at the same time saving the planet!), by making sustainable and compassionate lifestyle changes. 
On finishing the PhD I decided to begin my wellness journey by moving to Bali to complete a yoga teacher training with All Yoga. I then spent the next year-and-a-half travelling the world teaching yoga in some truly spectacular places, as well as gaining further yoga teaching certifications. On returning to my native Scotland in 2019, I completed a diploma in Thai Yoga Massage, before finally undertaking the Health Coaching certification with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (a goal of mine since the start of my wellness journey). In 2021 I also completed a Women’s Life Coaching training, and a Doula training.

About Me: About

My credentials

PhD Political Philosophy & Ethics

University of Leicester

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

Women's Life Coach Training

Be Kind Retreats

100hr Women ReWilding (Women's Yoga) Training

Bex Tyrer @ The Yoga Barn

85hr Prenatal Yoga & Doula Training

Awakened Spirit Yoga

Ayurveda for Pregnancy Training

Awakened Spirit Yoga

Diploma Thai Yoga Massage

Shiatsu & Thai Massage Training Scotland (STMTS)

200hr Rocket Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga with Carson Academy

100hr Yin Yoga & Chinese Meridians Teacher Training

Annie Au Yoga

200hr Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

All Yoga

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