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Thai Yoga Massage

For Deep Relaxation and Release

Thai Yoga Massage, or Nuad Boran, is an ancient healing system that draws influence from India, China, and (predominantly) Thailand. The client, or 'receiver', is guided through a series of assisted yoga-like postures and passive stretches (hence people say it's like yoga being done to you!), using the breath to help go deeper into the postures and to calm the nervous system, creating a feeling of deep relaxation. Drawing extensively on theories of energy flow, pressure is also applied along the body's natural energy lines (Sen), using a combination of thumbs, palms, forearms, knees, and even feet, thus stimulating the flow of energy throughout the body. As a result, it is not unusual to leave a session feeling deeply relaxed yet energised and awake. Besides improving overall wellbeing and helping to restore energy levels, Thai yoga massage can also help treat certain muscular conditions (such as back pain), improve circulation and mobility, and release emotional blockages. This kind of massage is performed fully clothed (in comfortable, stretchy apparel, such as for yoga), on a thin mattress or mat on the floor. A traditional Thai Yoga Massage would last 2 hours; whilst it's possible to do shorter sessions, 90 minutes is the minimum time recommended to really feel the benefits.

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Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy

In many ways, Thai Massage is ideally suited for pregnancy, given that we use rocking, rhythmic motions, breathing techniques to help with relaxation, and mindfulness, all of which are important tools we can also use during the birthing process. Some of the physical benefits include:

  • Learning to relax and soften into tension, using the breath

  • Working with rhythm

  • Going inward into a meditative-like state

  • Listening to and becoming in tune with the body

  • Opening up the body (physically), improving circulation and blood flow

  • Improved sleep

  • Alleviates leg and lower back pain

 As a holistic therapy, we spend some time at the start of the session discussing your thoughts and concerns, since, often, there might be more mental, rather than physical, tension during this time. We also discuss tools you can take home to use during the pregnancy and birth, such as physical exercises for posture, and so on. Finally, Metta - loving kindness - is a central component to Thai Massage, making it an especially relevant gift to yourself during this transformative and magical time in your life.

Thai Massage takes places fully clothed (in comfortable, stretchy apparel), on a large comfy mat on the floor, perfect for fostering a feeling of groundedness (important during birth) and alleviating any worries about balancing on a massage table. We don't do any work on the belly, but instead focus on the back, legs, arms and hands, shoulders, neck and head, with the client in side-lying position or sometimes seated.
Please note this treatment is only suitable for 2nd and 3rd trimester.

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Massage Treatments

Currently available in Glasgow, Scotland

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Full Body Treatment

90 minutes/£70

Full Body Treatment

120 minutes/£90

Prenatal Massage

60 minutes/£55

Massage treatments can be booked through Hope Studio. If you don't see a time that suits you, please get in touch with me directly here. I also offer treatments in the West End of Glasgow (Hyndland), please get in touch with me for more information.

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